Stuff about Tuel

Taylor Tuel is a graduate reasearch assistant at Iowa State University. His research involves developing robotic platforms for field phenotyping. For his research Taylor is currently working on machining and outsourching parts for the 5 robots required for his project. Taylor has gained experience working as an Engineering Intern at Conductix Wampfler, Engineering Intern at Specialized Bicycle Componets, Manufacturing Intern at Diversified Products LLC, and as a Manufacturing Technician at Boyd Lab Iowa State University. See the resume tab at the top of the page for more information.

Taylor was a member of Iowa State’s Robotic Space Mining Club. The goal of the club is to build an autonomous robot that can mine on the Moon or Mars. Each spring the robot is taken to competition in Florida at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center to compete against ~50 other universities. For the 2015 competition robot Taylor has designed a more efficient track link for the robots tracked drive system. The goal for the design was to create a sprocket and track tooth that has a nearly involute profile, this will reduce wear, energy consumption, and manufacturing time. To reduce manufacturing time Taylor has designed the track link to be made with a progressive die, a type of manufacturing where sheet metal is formed over several progressing forming dies.

In his free time Taylor enjoys getting his hands dirty in any project necessary or unnecessary. For 3 years Taylor has been busy mentoring Team Neutrino a FRC team.

Taylor is also an avid cyclist and enjoys long rides. He has participated In RAGBRAI 2 years and frequently goes on rides with friends and family.

Taylor graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. Mechanical Engineering in December 2016. Taylor expects to finish grad school with a M.S. in Ag Engineering this December. If you would like to contact Taylor click on his Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Email link below.